The World Parrot-USA Golden Conure Survival Fund

We have long been concerned about this Brazilian species, which has suffered from tremendous loss of its rain forest habitat and being highly sought after for the illicit bird-trade; therefore, in May of 1999 we launched the WPT-USA 'Golden Conure Survival Fund'. We contacted Carlos Yamashita, Brazil's leading parrot biologist, who had previously conducted research into the Golden Conure and its needs. He indicated he was anxious to do more to help its preservation. We published a detailed proposal from Dr. Charles Munn III in the August 1999 PsittaScene (the World Parrot Trust publication) (Reynolds 18).

I have had a great group of people circle around me and come to my assistance, the Board of Directors/Trustees and the members of the World Parrot Trust, the bird clubs and individuals that have contributed monetarily, and the field biologists themselves. Because of a relatively rapid accumulation of initial funds we were able to launch this project expediently by sending the first $10,000 to Carlos Yamashita, who works for Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis (IBAMA), in May of 2000.

Adult Golden Conure/Ewart

I have also received quite a bit of help from Gil Serique, an associate of Dr. Charles Munn III. Gil has been able to give me some insight into this particular region of Brazil, as he grew up and still lives there. He has also proven to be very helpful in my current research into the dietary intake of wild Golden Conures.

In order for this project to be a success the final solutions must address all known causes, so as the field biologists have been doing their research on the Golden Conures and the rain forest, I have been doing some of my own research into the history of the area in question. I have uncovered some amazing facts about this region, which I am sure will prove to have contributed to the decline of this species and will hopefully help us toward the recovery of this area.



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