The Golden Conure is considered to be the largest of all conures. It is 15 inches in length, with an average weight of around 290 grams. The adult’s plumage is a rich yellow with its primary, secondary, and outer coverts being a dark emerald green. The beak is a translucent horn color with a blue green modeling that peaks out from several layers beneath. The iris is brown, but the entire eye looks black with a reddish glow from any distance. The legs and feet are a fleshy pink with black scaling on the toes. In my observations I have found the adult females to more often be slightly larger than the males and darker in color.

Adult Golden Conure/RSCF

The plumage of the adolescent is similar but with random streaks of dark green that are most often on the back of the head, the nape, and the chest but can be found most anywhere on a given individual. Their call can be best described as a lengthy repetitive keek, keek, keek, keek (Forshaw 379). I would describe their captive personalities as a cross between a Hyacinth Macaw and that of a Sun Conure. They are very playful and clownish.

Note: The sound file was supplied by Rare Species Conservatory Foundation.



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