The range of Golden Conures extends far westward into the Amazon basin reaching all the way to the right bank of the Madeira Rio in Amazonas state; the bird reaches as far east as the Gurupi in Maranhâo state. It is found in much higher density (almost ten times) within the confines of the current study area. This coincides almost directly with the heaviest deforestation zones (Hartley 8).

The Golden Conures are distributed in pockets strewn across northeastern Brazil, south of the Amazon River, in eastern Pará and northern Maranhâo to the western edge of Tapajós (Low 183). Their range has been reduced by as much as 30% in the last 2 to 3 decades.

The light blue area indicates the golden conure's range. The light red area indicates the hawk-headed parrot's range and was used for comparison. The area indicated by the question marks, between the two light blue land-islands, indicates areas that golden conures may be, but this has not been supported by hard data yet.

Our current field study suggests that this range map may not be completely accurate. Researchers feel that this map may need expanding and updating in the near future.


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